Help us out with the 2017 FSS Yearbook.

Have you had a a fun adventure, disaster at sea, or an everyday experience with your sloop? Maybe you have some Friendship Sloop Society history that you would like to share. Other sloop lovers would love to hear about it. Make a contribution to the 2017 Friendship Sloop Yearbook this year. Your contribution can be in the form of an article, poem, a message on the bulletin board or photographs.

Everyone of us has a story to tell and with few articles in the queue for this year, the yearbook needs your help. With the April 15 deadline approaching, we are getting anxious about having enough stories to fill all our pages. An article from you would be appreciated. If you feel uncomfortable about  writing, that is okay. Your editors will work with you to polish your work. Be daring, Send us just a few double spaced typed pages with a title.

You can get a short message on a bulletin board page by sending us up to 15 words and a payment of $20.The monetary contribution helps us pay for color in the entire yearbook.  Make your check payable to the "Friendship Sloop Society" and send it to Beth Langton, 868 Cross Point Road, Edgecomb Maine 04556

Digital photos of your sloop adventures are also appreciated.

Send your writing and photos to

Thank you in advance for helping maintain our annual publication by writing an article and becoming part of the Society's history.

Beth and Richard Langton
FSS Yearbook Editors