Friendship Sloop Society
2021 Rockland Homecoming Trophies

Overall Homecoming Winner

Trophy Awarded for Description Winner

State of Maine Trophy

1st Overall
Best point total overall - 3 days of racing - all divisions

Half hull model of a Friendship Sloop built by Ralph Stanley


Division I Racing Trophies

Trophy Awarded for Description Winner

Herald Jones Trophy

1st in Division I
In memory of Herold Jones, first secretary of the FSS

Pewter Plate


Bruno & Stillman Trophy

2nd in Division I
To recognize Bruno & Stillman built Sloops

Mounted Ship's Wheel

Ray of Hope

Lash Brothers Trophy

3rd in Division I
Recognizes the builders of Class B Sloops, replicas of those of George Carter

Engraved Picture Frame


Jarvis Newman Trophy

1st Pemaquid Sloop
In honor of builder of 1st fiberglass Pemaquid & Dictator Sloops

Mounted Pemaquid Half Hull Model


Division II Racing Trophies

Commodore's Trophy

1st in Division II
In honor of the FSS founders, presidents and commodores

Half hull model of Iocaste on canvas and wood


Gordon Winslow Trophy

2nd in Division II
In memory of Gordon Winslow, an early enthusiastic member of the FSS

Pewter Plate


Rockland Trophy

3rd in Division II

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse mounted on a plaque with brass winner plates - donated by the Rockland Harbormaster, John Trumbull

Lady M

Liberty Trophy

1st Bald-headed sloop in Division II
In honor of Dick Salter's "Liberty"

Lighted, etched glass of "Liberty" in a wood frame



Class A Trophies

Wilbur Morse Trophy

1st Place - Class A
In memory of Wilbur Morse - builder of original Friendship Sloops

Mounted Deadeyes


Charles Morse Trophy

2nd Place - Class A
In memory of Charles Morse, builder of original Friendship Sloops

Large Mounted Cleat

Not Awarded

Alex McLain Trophy

3rd Place - Class A
In memory of Alex McLain, builder of original Friendship Sloops

Friendship Rudder

Not Awarded

Rum Line Trophy

The Skipper of a Class A sloop who hauls the right pot buoy 

A bottle of rum attached to the line of the pot buoy

Not Awarded

Special Homecoming Trophies

Spirit of Friendship Award

In fun to the skipper who best exemplifies the spirit of friendship

Bargain item from a flea market presented by the prior year's recipient

Laurie Raymond & Rusty Strange

Nickerson Trophy

Named after Leon Nickerson who was the Race Committee Chairman at the first FSS race.  Awarded to th youngest crew member sailing on a sloop at Homecoming

A large eared cup engraved with all prior winners names

Gennaviere Cronin
onboard Tannis


Chrissy Trophy

Named after Chrissy Wiegleb, whose husband Ernie owned the Chrissy for many years, the award is presented to the woman who keeps the sloop, crew, and family together

A mounted block plane, the award is presented by the prior year's recipient who choses this year's winner

Ann Marie Chouinard

Cy Hamlin Award

Named after Cy Hamlin, naval architect, who devised the handicap formula by which the sloops race by.  Presented to the skipper who returns to the Homecoming after an absence of several years

A pair of dividers, parallel rules and compass rose mounted on a mahogany plaque


Gladiator Trophy

Named after the sloop Gladiator, which the Zuber Family sailed a number of times from New Jersey to the Homecoming in Friendship.  Awarded to the sloop that sailed the furthest to attend the Homecoming

Sextant in a mahogany case


Danforth Trophy

Named after long-time Race Committee Chairman Bill Danforth, this trophy is awarded to the sloop that finishes in the middle of the fleet.   


Owner - Builder Trophy

New owner-builder or restorer of a wood or fiberglass sloop who has sailed their sloop to the Homecoming

A partially planked half-hull model of a Friendship Sloop


Stanley Cup

Special Race Committee award in honor of Ralph Stanley's contribution to the FSS.  Presented to the owner who maintains his wooden sloop well

Handsome silver cup

Peter Clapp

Tannis Award

Sloop that finishes 7th overall in the fleet

Basket of Goodies

Rights of Man

Post Office Trophy

Greatest gaff in boat handling during Homecoming A marconi rigged sloop set in a porcelain pot

FSS Race Comittee

Ray of Hope

Person or boat who has overcome adversity

Scott Martin