Tech Tips

Beginning with the Winter newsletter of 1998, "The Old Salt" - Bill Whitney, owner of #214 Gaivota, has written a series of articles on technical tips, centering on electrical subjects.  If you have a question or a suggestion for a future technical tip article, send a note to Bill; CHANDLERY@FSS.ORG

Here are the articles that have appeared in the newsletters to date:

Tech Tip #1 - Marine Electrical Wiring

Tech Tip #2 - Connectors, Terminals and Battery Clamps

Tech Tip #3 - Alternators

Tech Tip #4 - Regulators

Tech Tip #5 - Bonding and Grounding Systems

Tech Tip #6 - Radios and Antennas

Tech Tip #7 - Instruments and Instrumentation

Tech Tip #8 - Removing Opening Cabin Ports

Tech Tip #9 - Winter Maintenance of Batteries

Tech Tip #10 - Spring Commisioning