Tech Tips

Beginning with the Winter newsletter of 1998, "The Old Salt" - Bill Whitney, owner of #214 Gaivota, has written a series of articles on technical tips, centering on electrical subjects.  If you have a question or a suggestion for a future technical tip article, send a note to Bill at

Marine Electrical Wiring
Connectors, Terminals and Battery Clamps

Bonding and Grounding Systems
Radios and Antennas
Instruments and Instrumentation
Removing Opening Cabin Ports

Cabin Top Leaks


Loss of a Rudder - Preventing Electrolysis

Engine Overheating

Spring Commissioning

Winter Maintenance of Batteries
Jack Stands


Dinghy Dolly


Give Me A Little Leeway

Cruising Lessons

Space Weather & Marine Navigation

The Mighty Staysail

Lazy Jacks & Topping Lifts

Choosing a Cleaning Product

Swinging the Compass

Checking the Marine Alternator or Generator Output

Cleaning Your Freshwater Tanks

Itís Not Too Late - Winterizing

Passenger Onboard Safety

Mildew Problems

Corrosion You Never Knew You Had

The Right Brush for the Right Job
Homebrew Bronze Cleaner