Purpose of the Friendship Sloop Society

Article II of the Constitution of the Sloop Society states the purpose of the Friendship Sloop Society. Here's a portion of Article II:

Section A.

The purpose of this Society shall be to encourage the building and sailing of Friendship Sloops, to provide a medium for owners and friends to meet and enjoy each other around a common interest, and to promote the history and traditions of the Friendship Sloop.

Section B.

To sponsor and conduct races between original and reproduction Friendship Sloops.

Section C.

To establish standards of rig and design for reproduction of authentic Friendship Sloops.

Section D.

To trace existing sloops to place of origin and original builder.

Section E.

To engage in nonprofit activities related to the Society's purpose including the conduct of public functions in connection with such races, and any other business properly within the scope of a sailing association devoted to the recreational aspects of such activities.

Section F.

To make gifts to the Pendleton Memorial Scholarship Fund and / or to the Friendship Museum, Inc., or to such organizations as enumerated in subsections (a) and (b) of Section G.3 of this article.