Rich Langton, owner of "Queequeg" took the following photos at the 2005 Rockland Homecoming: 

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Commodore Charlie Burnham welcomes skippers & crews

Mayor Tom Molloy extends greetings from the City of Rockland

The morning skippers' meeting

The Chandlery is open for business

RC Chairman David Graham discussing the racing instructions

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Penny Richards & Marcia Morang with the keeper trophies

Vice Commodore Roger Lee receives his keeper trophy for 2004

Lady M heads to the starting line

Freedom is underway at the start


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Tannis & Gladiator



Echo & Freedom

Salatia & the Race Committee Boat Seven Girls

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Crew of Salatia works to windward


At the starting line

Race Committee Boat Seven Girls

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Water balloon mischief on the town dock

Checking the ammunition

Who's the next target

Jeff Cohen - do you think you're in charge here??

Sloops at rest at the town dock

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Family time Richard Stanley & Charlie Burnham working on Resolute's engine Kids blindfolded rowboat race    
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RC member Gerry Ross announces the plans for the day Gaivota Gladiator Chrissy Rockland Town Landing
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Tannis Salatia rounding the RC boat "Seven Girls" Sazerac Onboard Banshee Exiting Handicap Alley
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Banshee chases Salatia Wednesday night's spaghetti supper Gail O'Donnell & Roger Lee Charlie Burnham & Bill Whitney discussing the events of the day Wednesday nite's after supper entertainment
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Ralph Stanley playing his fiddle