Priscilla Harper was onboard "Tannis" for the Thursday race and took the following pictures.  If you are interested in
prints or photographic cards, please send Priscilla an e-mail at  Priscilla will contact you 
regarding the cost.  

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Pirates onboard "Gladiator"

Out to the Starting Line on "Tannis"

Onboard "Tannis"

Onboard "Tannis"

Onboard "Tannis"

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A Slow Start


Onboard "Tannis"

Onboard "Tannis"

"Lady M'

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"Lady M"

"Rights of Man"

"Lady M" about to Round the Breakwater


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A Close Rounding "Salatia" "Gladiator & "Phoenix"

Sailing to the Windward Mark

"Salatia" followed by the "William Rand"


"Gladiator" "Phoenix" "Sazerac" & "Echo"

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"Gladiator" Pulls Ahead

"Banshee" "Phoenix" & "Sazerac"


"Phillip J. Nichols"

"Salatia" followed by "Phoenix"

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"Lady M"